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  • Soaps & Scents

    Women may be equal to men, but it it is an inevitable truth that certain scents are best suited for men and certain scents are best suited for women. The soaps and colognes listed here definitely have that "manly" appeal.

  • Shaving Supplies

    Shaving is an art that should never be considered routine. It is a ritual that should be enjoyed. Contrary to popular belief, the last thing a woman wants is a case of beard-burn. The products offered here will provide a fine shave, reminiscent of your last shave in a barber chair.

  • Toothpaste

    It is said that Italians talk with their hands. However, they smile while their hands flail and the romantic Italian language flows from their mouth. Beautiful teeth are important to Italians so they have developed some superior mouth cleansing products.