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Cerasella Ceramiche, an Amalfi Coast ceramics manufacturer

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Limone (Limone Imports) is proud to offer hand made and hand painted ceramics from Cerasella Italia.
Compare our prices to those of similar designs found on the internet. You will not find a better price anywhere. We also offer flexibility. If you like a design but prefer a different color, we can accommodate your wishes.

Cerasella is a family owned and family run ceramics laboratory providing hand made and hand painted ceramics in the Amalfi Coast style but with a slightly modern flair while still maintaining its traditional appeal.

Dinnerware Three Plate (Tris Piatti) Wall Decoration Ceramic Knick Knack Shelf Showcase (Bacheca)
Espresso Cups Limoncello Glasses Large Ceramic Tiles in a Wood Frame

Virtually every Italian laboratory has a legend behind its roots, and Cerasella is no different.

This is The Legend of Cerasella:

It was on a mild and sweet night in the month of May surrounded by the enchanted scenery of the Amalfi Coast that "Cerasella" was brought into the world in a shabby little house hidden among the terraced gardens full of lemon trees. Cerasella was a beautiful little girl who had long curly hair and whose eyes were dark as coal. She had the same liveliness and radiance as the sun and the same brightness and warmth of the summer sky. As a little girl, Cerasella spent her days among the sweet smelling lemon trees helping her grandfather "Peppino" in molding the clay in the ceramics shop. Cerasella and Peppino used to sell their crockery, molded from the fantasy and the dreams of the little girl, to local inhabitants. It was during World War II, that Cerasella, now a beautiful woman, fell in love with "Niky" an American soldier. It was love at first sight ..... and the results of their passionate love was “Niky” Junior. Niky Junior is today the perfect fusion between his father’s strength and spirit of adventure and his mother's passion and fantasy. This strong love and this long tradition are today perfectly embodied in the “Gorgeous” hand-made items produced in the Laboratory named after his mother "Cerasella".

Certificate of Authenticity

All Cerasella ceramics are hand made and hand painted in Italy. With all of the knock off products on the market, it is of utmost importance that Italian companies guarantee and provide proof that their products are Italian through and through. The registration certificate (certificato di iscrizione) shown below (Number 4621) was issued to Cerasella Italia by the Registry of Italian Excellence and is the verification that all of Cerasella's ceramics are 100% Italian made.