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  • Tuscany Leather Collection

    Soft. Soft. Soft (morbido, morbido, morbido) is the most accurate way to describe the leather handbags in this collection. Tuscany Leather has merged the classic values of Tuscan manufacturing with modern marketing and distribution technologies. Their designs are quite unique.
  • Rioni Collection

    Rioni handbags are recognized all over the world as a quality handbag that can be handed down through generations. The Signature Collection is manufactured in Italy where the original manufacturing company was founded. Rioni bags are guaranteed to be free from material defects and due to their high quality are sought after worldwide.

  • Piero Guidi - Magic Circus Collection

    Magic Circus handbags by Piero Guidi are some of the most recognizable and popular handbags in Italy. You'll be the talk of the town when you show up carrying one of these colorful, fanciful bags.

  • Mywalit - Handbags, Wallets & Gloves

    Mywalit is an Italian brand of designer leather wallets, bags, coin purses and handbags.It was founded in 2005, in Lucca, Italy, when the first shop was created in the old Roman Amphitheater, at the heart of the cosmopolitan shopping district of this historic town of Tuscany.