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  • Music Boxes

    If you are going to buy a music box from Italy, it has to have been made in Sorrento. Giving a gift of a Sorrento Music Box expresses gratitude, appreciation and love. Highly skilled craftsmen handmake these music boxes using marquetry techniques that have been around since the 15th century and which originated in Sorrento, Italy.

  • Luxury Writing Instruments

    Italians have always fancied themselves, and rightfully so, as artists, poets, composers, musicians, thinkers and writers. Luxury modern style pens show off their skills in today's society while antique style pens show of their creativity and sense of, and appreciation for history.

  • Florentine Stationery & Other Decorative Paper Products

    Rossi1931 is a family owned and operated business that began producing fine traditional Florentine stationery in 1931. They now also produce greeting cards, writing papers, writing journals, decorative and scented papers, gift items and more. The company is anchored in tradition but open to innovative ideas which has resulted in a family of products with quality that is second to none.

  • Soft Acrylic Italian Throws

    These Italian made throws measure 57" x 59" and are imported to the US by Karen Klein Life from the Prato Region in Italy. Warm and soft, these are just the thing for that cool evening reading a good book snuggled by a fire.

  • Washable Paper Bags

    These washable paper bags make great gifts, storage bags, or decorator items. They are produced in Florence, Italy from ecologically friendly and renewable cellulose and can be gently washed and still hold their shape.