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This category contains items that we either can't get from Italy, or items that support products that we do get from Italy.
As an example, Our alabaster eggs are from Volterra, Italy, the home of alabaster.
However, some of our egg stands are made elsewhere because their design compliments the eggs well, but we were unable to find them in Italy.

Since the goal of our website is to provide products from Italy, whenever we include a product that is not, we will list them in this category and add NOT FROM ITALY in the product description.

  • Books

    These books will trigger your imagination and, if nothing else, will instill in you the romance that is so Italian.

  • Maggies

    What in the world is a Maggie? Click on the photo or "more info" and your questions will be answered. We hope !

  • Wine Accessories

    There is nothing better than a good Italian wine. Some of our wine related accessories are from Italy.
    However, some items that complement a good wine, are less expensive to purchase in the US and are of excellent quality. You will find those here.

  • Stands for Alabaster Eggs

    As hard as we tried we could not find egg stands for the alabaster eggs that were produced in Italy. We are offering these decorative stands, instead, as a convenience to you, our customer so you can proudly display your alabaster eggs.

The products (prodotti) found in this category generally are not manufactured in Italy. Rather, these products are about Italy and have been selected because they provide a unique perspective about Italy or Italian life. All products listed in all other categories have been made in Italy and can be traced to the village (villaggio, paese), city (cittá) or region (regione, zona) of origin.

We have also included in this category products that we have been unable to find in Italy but have found elsewhere. We offer these limited products only as a convenience to our customers (clienti). For example, you can purchase stands for your alabaster eggs here. These stands were not made in Italy but are offered to our customers so they can proudly display their alabaster eggs (uova di alabastro). If a product is not from Italy, it will be found in this category.