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  • Linens

    The linens we carry are selected from a few high quality linen producers in Italy. We select our products to cover a range of designs so that your choices are not limited.

  • Glassware

    Bormioli Rocco makes some of the finest lead-free crystal in the world. They have developed extremely clear, high quality glassware with designs that have hit the ball out of the park. We have also recently added the unique wine glasses and decanters by SEMPLI and the colorful hand painted lead-free crystal of CC Zecchin from Venice.

  • Espresso Machines and Coffee

    Italians do like their coffee. Espresso from a specialized espresso machine or coffee from a stove top moka pot. We offer both and pair them with ILLY Coffee (Our Favorite).

  • Home Fragrances

    These authentic fragrances from Tuscany will fill your home with delightful scents. Rose, Lavender and Citrus; all popular floral scents from Tuscany. When the room needs to be refreshed, simply flip the sticks over to expose the wet ends.

  • Car Fresheners

    There are a number of methods to use to improve the interior smell of your vehicle (even Ferraris). These Millefiori car air fresheners will override the road odors that, no matter how hard you try to remove, seem to settle into your car's interior.

  • Candles

    There is nothing like lighting a candle or two to soothe the spirit or capture a mood. Candlelight at dinner, during a soaking bath or even while relaxing with a glass of wine can make a horrific day a wonderful evening. Combine the flicker of candlelight with a variety of scents and the day, in spite of itself, can be a resounding success.

  • Olive Wood Products

    Skilled craftsmen from Arte Legno turn old olive wood logs into unique handcrafted utensils with a wood grain (figure) that stands out with pride. Olives and olive oil based products are widely popular around the world and the beauty of olive wood brings a new dimension to this popularity.

  • Artwork & Picture Frames

    A high quality handmade picture frame always works as a great gift. Particularly if you put a photo of a loved one or a favorite pet in it. These handmade Italian wood frames are perfect for that special person.

    If you can't live in Italy - Italian Artwork for your home will keep those memories strong or stoke the flames of desire.

  • Outdoor & Garden

    If you like to spend time outdoors, we have selected some products to assist you in your outdoor activities.