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  • Women

    In Italy the look, feel and smell of a woman's clothing is more important than the comfort of the fit. Italian women are adored all over the world for their sense of fashion and Italian women use accessories to complement their sexy outfits. Jewelry, scarves and handbags all make a statement about who you are, and your approach to life.

  • Men (See Just For Men)

    In Italy, a man's fashion sense is just as important as a woman's fashion sense. Well dressed Italian men use scarves, jackets, hats and even jewelry to accessorize casual clothing. A multi-fold silk tie is a must for those formal occasions.

  • Uni-Sex

    In Italy, many items are used by both men and women. This section is dedicated to those products.

"In fashion there is one simple rule: what's hot is what's Italian." Have you ever noticed that when American movie stars walk down the red carpet, their clothing designer usually has an Italian name. Italy is the trendsetter for the world in luxury fashion. Well chosen accessories are an essential component of a fashionable look, and superb accessories are a vital component of any Italian wardrobe for both men and women.