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(Composta) is a dessert made of whole or pieces of fruit (frutta) in sugar syrup. Whole fruits are immersed in water (acqua) with sugar (zucchero) and spices (spezie) added and placed over a gentle heat. the syrup can be seasoned with a variety of products such as vanilla (vaniglia), lemon (limone) or orange peel (scorza d'arancia), cloves (chiodi di garafano), almonds (mandorle), or even raisins (uva passa). It can be served either warm or chilled (your preference) and as a desert can be topped with whipped cream. When served with appetizers, we suggest eliminating the whipped cream.

For breakfast (colazione), try serving fruit compotes on any bread (pane) item. The sweetness stands out with this pairing. When served with cheese (formaggio), stick to the longer aged, coarser cheeses so you don't cover up the delicate flavor of young cheeses. As an example, fig (fico) compote pairs very nicely with pecorino cheese. For meats (carni) or salami (salumi), the sweetness of the fruit compote takes the edge off, particularly with some of the salty or stronger meats such as cured pork or prociutto di parma. As a desert, the sky is the limit.
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