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PIERO GUIDI and his wife Nadia opened their workshop in Urbano in 1970 where they first started producing leather goods with metal details and decorations. In 1991, the two angels with spread wings became the company logo. In the words of PIERO GUIDI "The angel represents the symbol of love for us; it is the spirit that accompanies those whose actions are aimed at changing the world for the better..." The Magic Circus collection features colorful designs and motifs depicting various circus scenes.

"Fantasy Never Dies" is the slogan that expresses the spirit of the Magic circus collection; an explosion of colors and fun. Reproducing the fantastic world of the circus, play and vitality come to life and accompany you into another reality, one where atmospheres of dreams and poetry prevail. You will relive the happiness and innocence of your childhood while showing off your Magic Circus handbag.
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Piero Guidi - Magic Circus - Cherie Sling Bag

This Magic Circus bag from the Cherie Collection boasts Piero Guidi's most recent color combination. This stunning blue bag will attract attention wherever you go. Although not technically a clutch purse, it is small enough to be used as one even though it has a strap which is detachable. It makes a beautiful purse for evening wear.

List Price: $228.00
Our Price: $198.00
Savings: $30.00
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Piero Guidi - Magic Circus - Small Cross Body Bag

This cross body bag is perfectly balanced to rest squarely against your body.  It contains a front pouch with a zipper closure that is hidden under a front flap with a clasp and a larger but  narrower rear pouch, also with a zipper closure.  The rear pouch contains 6 credit card slots and 1 small interior zipped pouch.

List Price: $280.00
Our Price: $250.00
Savings: $30.00

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Piero Guidi - Magic Circus - Small Messenger Bag

This messenger bag is just the right size.  Not too big and not too small.  The color is timeless and is neutral enough to use with almost anything in your wardrobe.  The shape is one of our favorites and it is lightweight which makes it a dream to carry around.  It has a front pouch and the main bag uses a zipper closure. There is one interior zippered pouch and a cigarette or cellphone holder.

List Price: $395.00
Our Price: $355.00
Savings: $40.00

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