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Handcrafted soaps from Italy are some of the finest soaps in the world. Italian artisans take pride in using local ingredients to evoke specialized performance qualities. From floral scents wrapped in Florentine paper to citrus scented soaps from the Amalfi Coast and olive oil based soaps which moisturize and revitalize dry skin.
For those of you who prefer a liquid soap we have included some for your use. See our ceramics section for liquid soap dispensers that will make either your kitchen or bathroom a Tuscan sensation.

The Tuscan earth is renowned for producing the finest of olive oils. The bath and beauty lines we have selected are created in Lucca, Tuscany, by skilled artisans, where the world's best premium olive oils are born and exported all over the world.

Gift Sets Perfume For Men
We now offer gift sets comprised of bar soaps and olive oil based bath and beauty products. We will be adding more to this collection in the future. These are great gifts for that niece at Christmas time or your wife for a birthday present.

Unfortunately you can't test perfumes over the internet. That's a shame because the scent of a woman is often more evocative than a photograph. The sensual scent of a woman is enhanced, not changed, by this collection of mild perfumes.

Not only do Italian women like to smell sexy, but they want their men well groomed with fresh manly aromas.